This is one of my favorite boxes for any sleeve that I own. So much so that I had to start taking photos of it when it arrived. I enjoy looking at every shot of Hibiki and those big eyes! Her official blog has tons of photos of her with her natural hair color, and she looks great!

The Hibiki sexual fragrance lotion is on the thicker side without much of any scent, similar to the lube included in the past few Proof of Meikis like ZXY and Sarah.

The sleeve itself weighs reportedly 580 grams or about 1.27 pounds. It is heavier than 001 Maria, but lighter than Meiki no Hinkaku Chika Eiro. It is soft to hold, and has a great exterior all in all! Aesthetically, I am just not too fond of the boxy shape and the abrupt protrusions on the front of the molding, and I found the front so repulsive, that I couldn’t really do my traditional oral feel around with it.  But I’m glad NPG decided not to put a signature on the sleeve, as they remind me of tattoos, which I’m not too keen on.

008 Ootsuki next to my 005 ZXY, purchased here from the great folks at ToyDemon. Hibiki is smaller and easier to handle, that’s for sure! It may not be fair to compare these two as they are different technology and feeling-wise — both in their own good way! — but 008 doesn’t engulf/hug the member as much as 005. Exterior wise, 005 is more like a slightly voluptuous woman with a nice behind, whereas Hibiki is a slender and down to business lady.

A closer look

The entrance area begins with protruding rings, which are supposed to simulate the vagina muscles according to NPG. Past these rings, there are some small bumps that are supposed to simulate the mucous membrane found in the vagina. In the bumps section, therein lies the noticeable G, which I think looks like a push button! NPG makes a point of the G spot, saying it is a representation/example of the Proof of Meiki. According to NPG, the G is a suction mold and I think that it is supposed to emulate the overall Hibiki experience.

With the smaller hole opening and the „Great” G-Spot baggage toward the front, entering the sleeve may look to feel unnatural or perhaps cumbersome. But to me, it feels totally natural; it’s hard to realize now that I don’t even think about the button shape while inside and banging Hibiki! It is sloped a bit down on the other side you can’t see so it doesn’t feel out of place.

Sensation & Feeling

The most important part of this review.

Entering Hibiki is a nice feeling. I like the feeling of the entrance area quite a bit.

But the most important part of any toy for me is the midsection. NPG describes the midsection as the genital area surrounding muscles (pubis and gluteus maximus muscles). The few waves found in this area are a series of creases in the inner structure with some sort of special torque applied to them to give them their shape. At first, I found the midsection a tad bland and it made for a more unstimulated experience, eerily similar to my first session with the loose 001 Maria Ozawa. But after a lube readjustment, dropping down from a couple of full drops to about a 1/2 or so drop, it felt much better, more stimulating, and dangerously realistic. If one is coming straight from months on the hand or is slightly overlubing, there may not be much feeling here, so be careful!

Toward the end on Hibiki, there is a nice mound there to be felt to on one side of the wall, though it was more like a subdued nice feeling for me personally, and I think that is a good thing because when penetrating that deep, you don’t want to get so excited that you can’t make a quick exit to hold back and prolong the session right? NPG describes this part as being the (big) portio vaginalis uteri. I am not sound with these technical body terms, so I might be wrong in the translation, but I don’t think the technical terminology of these toys matter to the vast majority of us using them anyway.

Going hands-free with toys like Hibiki really helps enhance the realism aspect. I have been doing the „shoe” and „between the mattress” methods since getting my first toy, the Fleshlight STU from ILF back in like 2007, but these are harder to do with the soft and caseless Nippori Gift Meikis. I bought an air pillow made in Japan by a company called EXE and that is amazing to use with Hibiki. Stepping things up to the extreme and pairing Hibiki up with something like the ToyDemon „Meiki plush,” I think would be a killer combination to go with to enhance the realism aspect!!

Sensation & Feeling Score: 9/10, with extra care applying the ideal lube amount right for you.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Standard fare! Hibiki smells fine, so no worries when washing it. Due to the shape of the molding on the front, it probably just takes a few extra passes to powder it up fully compared to a baby smooth camel-toe mold, but this is still fairly easy toy to clean/maintain for a Proof of Meiki. OK, the simpler 13cm/15cm toys are going to be easier to take care of and dry. The finger and paper towel method probably takes the same amount as most of my other NPG Meiki toys. During sessions, my hairs seem to get stuck on the front face moreso than with my other toys due to the way it’s shaped, but not a big problem as it takes all of one second to remove them!

Cleaning & Maintenance Score: 8/10.

Durability & Usage

My 008 is built pretty well, no thin walls like reportedly found on some 001 Ozawas and nothing like I’ve noticed on some of my cheaper $10 A-1 toys. Very much a hassle free experience using Hibiki, unlike with other NPG Meiki toys like for example the ZXY where I have to be real cautious with the labia lips sticking inwardly to the inner layer while penetrating. The only minor snag with 008, and the similarly exterior-molded Chika Eiro…  I think the entrance hole was made too small, and so my entrance hole started to tear after a few uses; well, to me this is not a big deal as the hole will end up being the size it should have been from the beginning.

Durability & Usage Score: 8/10

Price / Performance

Woah!! This is one of the best sleeves I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. If you already have 001 Maria or some other NPG Meikis, the price/performance is going to start diminishing the more you’ve already tried. But for new buyers brand new to the world of high-end Japan made sex toys, this is easily a great price/performance toy especially at ToyDemon’s price and if you take advantage of their free shipping on orders over $100! Hopefully we see some nice bundles on 008 from ToyDemon.

Price / Performance Score: 9/10

Final Thoughts & Overall Score

I am going to guess that for some, it’s probably really tough to choose just who is the best among the single-layer Nippori Gift Meiki toys. Hibiki has that excellent entrance, the perfectly balanced mid, and the subdued end, all in a convenient to use and well-built single layer sleeve. She’s got it all! It’s very close between 008 Hibiki and 001 Maria in terms of feeling for me personally; I’d probably rate Maria 8.5 or 9.0 feeling wise, and Ms. Chika Eiro a little lower than both Maria and Hibiki. My Maria has some problems like a disgusting smell problem and a thin wall, so sadly Hibiki may as well all but deprecate Maria for me just based on those two points alone.

Hibiki has just the right amount of stimulation. This is a really balanced sleeve all in all! If you are looking for something a little on the tighter side, this is not the best choice because it is more on the looser end of the spectrum, where Meiki no Shoumei 001 Maria is. Still, if you are looking for a no-nonsense and purely realistic toy, then I would definitely recommend Hibiki.